MTO EXCLUSIVE: Popular Female Celebrity Diagnosed With SCHIZOPHRENIA . . . And She's Starting To Get WORSE . . . Pray For Her!!!

Shame just got some SHOCKING and EXPLOSIVE tea - a very popular actress/singer has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

We spoke with a former friend of the beauty who told us, "[NAME REDACTED] has been suffering from mental illness for some time. Everyone knew, but now that she's getting older it's getting worse."

The insider, who is worried for the young woman's health and well-being added, "She was taking medication, but she said that it messed with her 'creative spirit' so she stopped. Now she's spiraling out of control."

We're told that BEHIND THE SCENES the 20-something African-American starlet is OUT OF CONTROL. Sometimes doesn't even make any sense - if someone doesn't help her - it will end very badly.

Given the very sensitive nature of these claims, we've decided to leave this as a BLIND ITEM.