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MTO EXCLUSIVE PICS: R&B Singer SZA Reportedly Got . . . CHIN RECONSTRUCTION Surgery . . . Wanna See What She Looked Like . . BEFORE HER NEW FACE???

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R&B singer SZA is one of the fastest rising stars in music - her voice is great and she's BEAUTIFUL.

But she wasn't always AS beautiful. Word on the street is that she had her CHIN surgically reconstructed so that she looked PRETTIER.

Here is what she looks like now:

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And here is what she USED to look like:

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In October 2012, Rowe self-released her debut mixtape titled See.SZA.Run, which she then followed up with her second mixtape, titled S, in April 2013. In July 2013, it was revealed that she had signed to the hip hop record label Top Dawg Entertainment, through which she released Z, her debut extended play (EP) and first retail release, in April 2014.

Her debut studio album Ctrl was released June 9, 2017.