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MTO EXCLUSIVE PICS: Drake Is BALDING . . . We Have Pics Of His . . . . Giant BALD SPOT!!!

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Superstar rapper Drake is suffering from male pattern baldness.
According to our INSIDER in Drizzy’s camp, Drake is EXTREMELY sensitive about his hair loss. He has his handlers look ALL pics before they are released to make sure to hide his bald spot.

Well, they missed one shot.

Here’s a screenshot from his new video God’s Plan – showing the bald spot.

Drake made headlines last year when he hosted the first-ever NBA awards show and roasted some of the audience. He even poked fun at NBA legend, Lebron James' hairline.

"LeBron James recently went bald and social media had an absolute ... oh sorry, that's a joke from 2007, we're gonna keep it rollin," Drake quipped.

It appears that Drake too could soon be the brunt of a few hair jokes in the very near future.

But for now, his fans are in awe of him (and even some of his haters) after he revealed that he had a budget of $1 million for his "God's Plan" video and chose to give it all away to some Miami residents. He didn't just hand out cash. Instead, he gave out college scholarships, toys, and gifts to a shelter and paying for people's groceries. The video brought many viewers to tears, and he was hailed as a hero.

It's only a matter of time before the bald spot begins to grow. Drake should spend some of his money on himself and consider purchasing a hair system for men... or just lopping it all off! The ladies will still love him.