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MTO EXCLUSIVE: We Now Have OFFICIAL Confirmation . . . Beyonce's Sister . . . Solange Knowles Is PREGNANT!! (Official Statement . . . We TOLD YOU SO)

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Here is a confirmation that we just received, from someone inside Beyonce's camp. Congrats to Solange and her husband!!

I got word that Solo and husband are expecting their first child together! It's hush hush for now because she's still in her first trimester and it's why she's has been spending a lot of time with Tina because Tina is so excited to finally have another grandbaby on the way.

Yonce and Jay are also working on baby #2 and that's why she's working so hard so there will be plenty of music in rotation when she becomes preggo.

A little tea about Matthew is they're now playing nice with him because he's back to working in the industry and they want to keep him close to make sure he doesn't do anything that could sabotage Yonce's career. Otherwise they wouldn't have anything to do with him, all of this "happy family" are the calculating forces of Yonce's mother and her team.

Poor Matthew doesn't know the joke's on him!