MTO EXCLUSIVE: Nicki Minaj FINALLY Responds . . . Explains Why ShETHER Got TAKEN DOWN Off SOUNDCLOUD . . . And Why Remy Is NOT ALLOWED To Perform It In Public!!!!


Nicki Minaj has finally SPOKEN . . . and she spilled some TEA on how Remy Ma's diss track "ShETHER" got taken down off of Soundcloud.

It was rapper NAS that shut it down.

According to's EXTREMELY RELIABLE snitches, Nicki called NAS - and Nas got it SHUT DOWN. Here's what snitch explained:

Nicki called up Nas, and Nas shut it down. He controls all the publishing for Ether.

Nas ain't dumb, he left the song up on iTunes so that he can make a BAG off of it. But he's basically banned Remy from performing the song live.

That's why you don't see her doing it at concerts, and why she didn't do it on Wendy. Nas shut it down.

Look at how Remy is trying to backtrack and apologize for making the song. That's not out of the goodness of her heart. It's because legally she can never sing the song again.

Nicki is a complete SAVAGE. Woooow, Nicki won the battle. GAME . . . SET . . . MATCH!!

Oh, you need receipts. Well Nicki tweeted the below last night - then quickly deleted it.