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MTO EXCLUSIVE NEWS: We've Got ALL THE TEA . . . On Justin Timberlake's NEW ALBUM . . . It SOUNDS GREAT . . . And GUESS WHO Will Be On It????


Here is some tea from a little birdie that we trust:

So I've finally gotten to hear some of what JT has been working on for his forthcoming album. He’s been working on bits/pieces for about a year now. He’s solely been working with Pharell, Timbaland and Max Martin for this project. He wants it to be huge so he can solidify himself as a "legend." As you can see radio/music has moved on without him and he wants to be welcomed back with open arms.

As far as what I heard this is a Motown-influenced album. Beyonce will have a feature (she’s really the only one he’s approached so far for a possible duet) This is not a country album but if you’ve heard Daddy's lessons/drink you away that is similar to the “country” he is doing but it's more “Motown” than anything. He’s trying to modernize the Memphis jazz/blues era but still be able to have pop radio hits. (which is why Max Martin is even in the picture). He’s trying to get blues/Jazz to crossover to pop success.

It sounds nothing like his previous three albums and nothing like Cant stop the feeling. It's a lot more uptempo then 20/20.

I heard a rumor that he was going to be doing an album with his Nsync member but this is 100% false. JT is a fame whore who craves to be the center of attention. He wouldn’t even do a reunion album with them even if he started flopping because of his ego.

He is a big fan of Kendrick Lamar and I fully expect him to try to get Kendrick on the album. The features list will be very short. Future will not be on the project so don’t expect anything “trappy”.

If I could compare this sound to anyone it would be Bruno Mars, ala 24K/Uptown Funk. Expect big instrumentals.

There will be a movie project/visual album to go along with this album. It will be very personal and will largely be more of a cohesive movie than anything else. He was very inspired by the whole lemonade era because it had to do with artistry. He's always set out to achieve critical acclaim and he’s moving into composing and recently scored a movie soundtrack.

RCA is a shitty label (who has been struggling for a while) so I'm very interested to see how this is going to play out. RCA can't manage artists especially not their “bigger” ones. They are going to mess his new era up. He’s going to have to do his own promo.

He’s planning on performing at a majority of the 2018 award shows as his big introductory back into music so I fully expect the album to be done at the end of the year with his first single released early next year.