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MTO EXCLUSIVE: New Evidence Suggests That Chyna And Rob FAKED The Hacking . . . Chyna 'Leaked' Her Own Messages . . . To Get RATINGS For New Show . . . Peep The EVIDENCE Inside!!!


Last night Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian's relationship EXPLODED LIKE A NUCLEAR BOMB. A "hacker" leaked text messages from Chyna admitting to using Rob, and also admitting to selling herself to rapper Young Thug. (Here is the FULL story - with all the EXPLOSIVE details)

Chyna admitted that the messages were all real, but that they were "old."

And Rob Kardashian admitted that Chyna left him - and took his newborn daughter with her.

Well there may be evidence that ALL OF THIS - was staged to get ratings for their new show, which airs TONIGHT ON E! examined messages sent by the "hacker" and messages sent at approximately the same time from Chyna's newly created Instagram account. And the similarities were striking.

Look at the fonts used, and the background. And the battery life on the two phones (if they really are two phones). The similarities are striking.

It does appear that they were both done by the same person: Chyna.