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MTO EXCLUSIVE: NeNe Leakes From The ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES Goes Full THOT - Exposes Herself ONLINE!!!

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Atlanta Housewife NeNe Leakes is showing her stuff – and we mean that LITERALLY.
She posted a very EXPLICIT pic on her social media page. As you can imagine, she’s got more than 100,000 likes.

The Atlanta housewife has never been shy about showing her body. And as a former stripper, why should she be? NeNe is 50 years of age and looks incredible, but some weren't too impressed by the Grandma's pic.

In the caption, NeNe made reference to being called and "elder" during last week's show, saying: "“Simply sexy,” Leakes wrote of the outfit, dubbed “the Black Angel Dress,” which is for sale at her boutique in Georgia. “Wear a black bra or tank! I just go bare because when you’re an elder, ain’t nobody looking no ways, right?”"

Despite the thousands of likes, some of her followers were still critical of her provocative choice of dress.

"Forgot to cover your breasts Mom/Wife/Grandmother."

"Ok kim Kardashian @neneleakes ....just no."

"thought you might have been classier than Kim K. If you use that comparison then no!"

"God NO!! Not flattering at all. I hope you got paid big $ to wear that 👎"

But NeNe didn't care one bit. She clapped back in the comments telling them “I’m very comfortable in the skin I’m in, which is why I’m letting you see it!” before asking “Um do u make these comments on Kim K’s page?”

Take a look at the pics below. Is it time for NeNe to retire her goodies or should she keep them on display?

Here is the first pic

Here is the second pic