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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Meet The BIG BOOTY BEAUTY . . . That Was ALLEGEDLY Caught In The BED . . . WITH Cardi's FIANCE Offset!! (Is She . . . BADDER Than Cardi)

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In October, Migos travelled to South Africa - and while there Offset got to meet one of the most popular SOCIAL MEDIA STARS there - a woman named Faith Nketsi -- AKA Queen Twerk.

Here was the video of the two of them.


It's not clear WHAT happened between Offset and Faith, but it was enough for Cardi to DUMP OFFSET - at least for a couple of days. The pair eventually made up.

But now there is speculation online that the woman in the video was the South African beauty. Here are some pics of Faith - and she does bear a resemblance to the girl in the video.

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