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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Mariah Lynn From Love And Hip Hop TRIES TO LOOK SEXY . .. But Her Lingerie Is TOO BIG FOR HER!! (Poor Lil Tink Tink)

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Mariah Lynn from Love And Hip Hop is really going HARD trying to create a new “sexy” image for herself.

During the current season of Love & Hip Hop, we have seen Mariah Lynn battle with insecurities around her body and even consider plastic surgery. The rapper, who is VERY thin and flat all around, expressed that she wanted to have a breast enhancement and visited reality television's favorite plastic surgeon - Dr. Miami.

The pint-sized star was advised by the doctor to put on a few pounds before having the procedure. During the episode, she said, “I just need the lift. I never want to have to wear a bra ever again in life,” she continues - “I know Remy says I shouldn’t change my body, but I thought long and hard about it, and I’m going to do what makes me happy.”

The pressure to be curvy is being felt across the board, with many Instagram models resorting to plastic surgery to achieve donkey booty status and large breasts. But equally, many women who have spent years with the implants are announcing that they have removed them, as they have caused painful health issues.

R&B singer was the latest star to go under the knife and have hers removed, citing health reasons.

She even posted some pics of herself in her mother’s lingerie – on Instagram. Mariah Lynn has obviously had the surgery and is eager to show everything off. She loves her new bod! Are you a fan of her new curves too?

Here she is:

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The sad thing is that she has a cute shape. Look: