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MTO EXCLUSIVE: LONZO BALL Just Ghosted His PREGNANT GIRLFRIEND . . . He's Photo'd Out With His NEW CHICK!!! (Is She An UPRADE??)

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Lonzo Ball recently CUT his hair . . . And his BABYS MAMA too.
Last week, Lonzo’s longtime Gf Denise announced that the two were expecting a child together.

Well, a baby doesn’t appear to be enough to keep Lonzo with her. He was spotted out with what people are calling his NEW GF – Dutch/American Natalie Larose.

Larose is a recording artist. Back in 2015, she enjoyed some success with her single "Somebody" which featured R&B star, Jeremih earning her top 10 placements both in the US and in the UK.

Some fans even noticed that Denise has been missing from his social media, and unlike last year, there was no Valentine's Day tribute to his high school sweetheart.

And fans of Zo are not being sympathetic to poor, pregnant Denise, leaving comments on her pregnant selfies taunting her about Lonzo's alleged new romance.

"How does it feel that zo is piping another b*tch"

"How come Zo or none of his family liked her pics? I’m guessing that they didn’t want her to have the baby and she told them she was having it, now they’re upset with her?"

" it's Lonzo's, he said it's his. But after 18 years, he gonna find out 😂😂

"Guys the kid is actually melo's, please confirm @melo @zo"

People are accusing her of being a clout chaser and using Zo to put her on. But Zo moving on to another chick so quickly has got to hurt. Natalie Larose's career isn't exactly piping hot - couldn't she be accused of the same too?

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