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MTO EXCLUSIVE SPOILER: We Know Which Guy . . . That The BACHELORETTE Rachel Chose As Her Fiance!! (Did She Choose . .. The BLACK GUY??)

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Wanna know which guy won the Bachelorette's heart? Well according to the good folks over at the Daily Mail - it's clear who Rachel chose. Warning - there are spoilers below.

The UK paper claims to have figured out who wins, by reading between the lines on one of Rachel's recent interviews, with People magazine:

When she was asked what Rachel and her husband-to-be plan to do after their engagement, she said "They are going to Dallas to have a party there. He gets to meet all of her friends and non-Bachelor people, too. And then they’re going to Miami after that to have an engagement party there, too."

Of course one of the remaining contestants, Bryan Abasolo, hails from Miami, while 32-year-old Rachel is from Dallas.