MTO EXCLUSIVE: KeKe Palmer And Trey Songz Are FIGHTING Over A Video . . . And We've Got The REAL TEA . . . On What Went Down!!! (Find Out . . . Who's Lying)


Last night actress KeKe Palmer went on social media - blasting R&B singer Trey Songz for including her in his new video. According to KeKe, Trey Songz and his people tried to PRESSURE HER into being filmed for the video. KeKe claims that she REFUSED, and then HID IN A CLOSET to get away from the filming.

But Trey's people didn't stop, according to KeKe - she claims that they FORCIBLY FILMED her - and included her image in Trey's new EXPLETIVE video:

Here is what KeKe said happened in her own words:

Well Trey is FIGHTING BACK. He took to social media last night, and flat out called KeKe a liar. Here's what he said:

Image placeholder title reached out to folks in Trey's camp and they tell us "There must be some sort of misunderstanding, from what I saw KeKe was down with the video. Now I'm not calling her a liar, maybe there was a misunderstanding, or maybe she just regrets the decision she made."