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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Jesse Williams Has A New Girlfriend . . . And She Looks A LOT LIKE HIS EX-WIFE . . . Only She's PRETTIER!! (Did Jesse UPGRADE??)

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Jesse Williams sure is taking advantage of the single life! Jesse Williams has officially MOVED ON from his ex-GF Minka Kelly – and onto a new beauty .... actress Ciarra Pardo.

The actress looks an awful lot like his ex-wife, so much so, they could pass for sisters. Ciarra is waaay cuter though! (Or perhaps she's just a lot happier?)

The two have been reportedly SEEING EACH OTHER for a few months now. His ex-wife Aryn has been raising hell, claiming that Jesse has introduced his new beau to his kids far too early for their liking.

The couple has not publicly revealed their romance or how long they've been dating, but according to TMZ:

"The Grey's Anatomy star has been taking their two kids to his new chick's house since October -- and the kids even call her 'Mama C.' She also claims he took them on a mini-vacay to Big Bear Moutain with the unnamed GF."

We're guessing the "C" in "Mama C" stands for Ciarra. Uh oh. It seems that there is still bad blood between Jesse and his ex. Jesse has been stopping by to pick up his kids whenever he feels like it, and Aryn's asking the judge to set a "more rigid and consistent schedule for his visits."

Recently, Jesse was snapped on vacation with his new girlfriend - boo'd up in Brazil! The pair were spotted hanging out on the beach with a small group of friends, laughing and having fun!

Here are pics of them on vacation in Brazil. What do you think? Is she prettier than Aryn or nah?