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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Golden State Warriors Draymond Green Is A SAVAGE . . . You Won't Believe . . . What He Said About LEBRON'S WIFE!!! (Bron Should Have PUT HANDS On Dude)


Last night LeBron James got uncharacteristically RATTLED - after Golden State player Draymond Green said the unthinkable. spoke with a SIGNIFICANT OTHER of one of Lebron's teammates. And according to our source, Draymond allegedly called LeBron's wife "ugly". The insider explained, "He said something like - 'that's why your wife is ugly.'"

We're told that LeBron is asking NBA league officials to INVESTIGATE Draymond's behavior in last nights game.

LeBron's wife Savannah, photo'd below - is one of the most BEAUTIFUL wives in all of sports. Clearly Draymond is BLIND.

Here is the fight:

Here is LeBron talking about it after the game: