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MTO LOVE AND HIP HOP EXCLUSIVE GIRLFIGHT!! Young M.A Is Reportedly . . . Going On A 'DATE' . . . With SNOOP FROM THE WIRE'S Girlfriend!!! (Details PLUS PICS)

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girlfight just got its hands on some REAL JUICY gossip - surrounding our FAVE two lady lovers Young M.A and Snoop. And this tea came DIRECTLY from an insider at Love & Hip Hop.

We are working on a new [storyline] for this season [of Love & Hip Hop]. Judith told us that she's been getting DMs from Young M.A, and that she's interested. [Judith] thinks that Snoop is cheating on her and wants to go out on a date or two with Young M.A. I'm not sure if she's really interested or just doing it for the show, but it is what it is.

We're trying to work with Young M.A's team to see if she'll show up on an episode or two before we wrap filming.

Woooow, they are really doing this MOST with the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop - and we're LOVING the new directions they're taking.

Snoop and J. Adrienne have been together now for about two years. But Young Ma is a SAVAGE - so she couldn't care less.