MTO EXCLUSIVE GIRL FIGHT: It Finally Happened . . . Remy Ma Is Taking Shots At NICKI MINAJ . . . Says She Will 'BASH NICKI In The Face' . . . With Her CELLPHONE!!!


According to many hip hop aficionado's Remy Ma has taken the FIRST SHOTS at Nicki Minaj.

Last night Remy released her verse on the new PHresher remix for "Wait A Minute" featuring 50 Cent. And many are saying that the verse is going directly at Nicki.

On the track Remy Ma talks about beating up a "hating azz" rap rival with fake body parts who uses a ghost writer. The track used elements from Biggie Smalls "The Warning" which Nicki Minaj happens to have sampled back when she first broke into the biz.

And after it dropped, Remy posted pics of her and Nicki's ex Safaree Samuels on social media.

Check out the lyrics:

Will I smoke this bitch? Yes
Probably fail my piss test
Get rid of those fake breasts
And put a vest on this bitch chest
It's lunch time, she food
I'm Troy Ave with that tool
Both hands on it like noon
Remy Ma, I'm a goon
The city big, I'm state time
I'm snatching wigs like waistlines
Crack a bitch with my cellphone, really put her on Facetime
That ghostwriter bout to call her
That lifeline getting shorter