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MTO EXCLUSIVE DRAMA: Do You Want To Know The REASON . . . Why Atlanta Housewife Kenya And Her Boyfriend Were FIGHTING . . . This Is JUICY!!!

Author: just got some EXPLOSIVE news surrounding the breakup of Atlanta Housewife Kenya Moore and her former fiance Matt Jordan.

We spoke with an insider who claimed to have INTIMATE DETAILS surrounding the couple's very PUBLIC breakup. You'll recall last week, when Kenya claimed that Matt became VIOLENT during a vacation - and tried to BREAK DOWN HER DOOR.

Well now we have more. Here's what one of Kenya's homies told MTO: "The recent fight in Mexico was because [Kenya] is apprehensive about marriage with him and is choosing to use a [sperm] donor rather than Matt's sperm because in her words he is 'emotionally unstable.'"

We're told that when Matt learned that Kenya was REJECTING HIS SPERM, he blew up and caused the commotion. learned that Kenya is VERY CONCERNED with Matt's emotional and mental health, and would like him to seek the necessary help.