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MTO EXCLUSIVE DRAMA!! A Hacker Sent Remy Ma A DISS TWEET From Cardi B's Account . . . And Remy CLAPPED BACK . . . Letting The World Know How SHE REALLY FEELS ABOUT CARDI!!

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The Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minaj feud was just an appetizer - now prepare for the main course - REMY vs. CARDI B.

The two ladies seemed like they were good friends, and had a lot of respect for each other - until last night.

You see, a hacker "hacked" into Cardi B's Twitter and started sending out real RECKLESS tweets - one of which was towards Remy Ma.

Before Remy knew that it was a HACKER sending the tweets and not Cardi, she CLAPPED BACK. In doing so, she let the world know how she really feels about Cardi.

We can't WAIT for Cardi to respond. Which team y'all are on - Remy or Cardi???