MTO EXCLUSIVE DRAMA: Amber Rose And Blac Chyna Are NO LONGER FRIENDS . . . They're Having A BITTER FEUD . . . And Amber Rose Is Threatening To SUE HER!! (Find Out WHAT . . . Messed Up These Two Girl's RELATIONSHIP)


Amber Rose and her former BFF Blac Chyna used to be INSEPARABLE, but now the two ladies barely speak. And learned that they two are beginning to HATE EACH OTHER.

So what is going on with the two ladies? Well it depends on who you ask. We spoke to a person CLOSE WITH CHYNA who tell us that the ladies falling out has to do with one thing - JEALOUSY. The insider explained, "Chyna was always like Amber's little sidekick. But now that Chyna is a Kardashian, she's bigger than Amber and that heaux can't take that. She's jealous."

But Amber is claiming that Chyna may have STOLEN a business idea from her.'s snitch added, Amber is saying that Chyna stole her EMOJI idea. That don't make no sense though, everyone had emoji's. Amber though that Chyna was going to launch her emoji's through Amber's company."

We're told that Amber is exploring taking LEGAL action against Chyna - for backing out of a deal that the two of them had together.

So it's either BUSINESS, or JEALOUSY, or BOTH. Either way, the two ladies are NO LONGER FRIENDS!!!