MTO EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: We Have NEW DETAILS On Kanye's 'MENTAL BREAKDOWN' . . . It Was LIES . . . New Evidence Suggests That . . . HE'S NOT CRAZY AT ALL!!

Original: spoke with two people very close to Kanye West, and both are ADAMANT that Kanye West Is "Not Crazy."

Yesterday it was initially reported that Kanye West was taken BY FORCE to a mental hospital. We're now told that was NOT AT ALL ACCURATE. EXCLUSIVELY learned that Kanye was NOT AT ALL taken by force to a mental institution. Rather Kanye, who had "been working for two days straight, was suffering from exhaustion and [a friend] called 9-1-1 to get him to the hospital."

And once police arrived they convinced Kanye to go to the hospital. The insider was ADAMANT - "Kanye was not acting 'crazy,' there is a media attempt to assassinate his character."

So what about the "psychiatric hold" that the media is talking about. insider EXCLUSIVELY told us, "That is bullsh*t, maybe the cops made it up. But he is in the hospital for exhaustion, nothing more. Anyone that says anything else is LYING."

Kanye West has been under significant pressure - this week alone Kanye had to work on a WORLD TOUR, a sneaker release and a new art exhibition. And yesterday was the ANNIVERSARY of the day that he buried his mother Donda West.

Pray for Kanye, but don't believe the hype. Everyone we've spoken to says that Kanye is NOT CRAZY!!