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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Demario Jackson From BACHELOR IN PARADISE . . . is Now DATING . . . The Woman He Was ACCUSED OF RAPING!!! (What The F*CK Is Wrong With Him??)

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Three months ago, the filming of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico was halted - and rumors came from the set that African-American cast member DeMario Jackson may have sexually assaulted another cast member, Corinne Olympios.

It turns out that was a COMPLETE LIE - but at first it appeared that Corrine was going along with the accusation.

The truth finally came out and Corrine apologized for her actions - now the CRAZY ending to the story.

After Corinne apologized to DeMario, the two happened to run into each other after a night out at Nightingale Plaza. The pair hugged it out and said they were friends after all the scandal that unfolded these past few months.

The two were spotted hanging out together, and people are now saying that the two are "dating."