MTO EXCLUSIVE: Chris Brown's Friend Says Karrueche Launched 'Restraining Order' . . . Because She's 'JEALOUS' . . . That He's Finally Moved On . . . And Got A NEW CHICK!!!


Chris Brown and his lawyers are FIGHTING MAD - and are working on launching an AGGRESSIVE LEGAL BATTLE with Karrueche Tran - according to sources close to Chris Brown. That's because his ex has placed a restraining order against him.

A Chris confidant told, "How can she say that Chris hit her, it's not true. He has cameras everywhere in his home."

The insider continued, "Chris really learned his lesson with [Rihanna]. Don't get me wrong, Chris will put hands on a man. But he will never touch a woman again in his life."

We're told that Chris investigators are working through THOUSANDS of hours of footage to PROVE HIS INNOCENCE.

But why would Karrueche lie? JEALOUSY - claims Chris pal.

Chris has been trying to get back with Karrueche for two years - but now he's stopped . . . and he's in love with another woman.

The insider explained,"Chris Brown has been harassing that b*tch [Karrueche] for two years. But she doesn't file a restraining order until he gets a new girlfriend. Read between the lines."