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Chaka Khan Looked ‘OUT OF IT’ . . . At Last Night’s Concert . . . We Hope She’s Not . . . ON THAT NARCOTIC!!! (VIDEO)

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Something appeared OFF about Chaka Khan last night – as the legendary singer performed at the Annual Jazz In The Garden Music Festival in Miami.
Her vocals were OFF-Key, and she was slurring her words. She also was moving very STRANGELY on stage.

We can’t quite put our finger on it – but she appeared to be under the influence of something.

But the fans sure noticed:

“Chaka Khan owes me and @jazzgardens some money back! She’s so high she can hardly stand up #JITG #miamigardens”

“@ChakaKhan I’m at Jazz in the Gardens watching your catastrophe of a performance and it’s my first and Last time. I was so excited and you failed me. Your band and back up singers looked disgusted and the audience did too. #fixyourlife #orretire”

“Smdh 😢 Chaka Khan’s voice is not right tonight! Folks are leaving in droves! She looks good but…. Well, the background singers trying to cover for her. #JITG2018”

“@ChakaKhan hits the stage at @jazzgardens18, with a lukewarm reception. A source says the singer is under the weather and was hospitalized overnight. #JITG18 @CBSMiami”

“These things I’m reading. Is Chaka Khan ok??? ”

“Chaka Khan had the people at #JITG2018 folding up their lawn chairs, walking out and wheeling their coolers back to their hotel rooms. Lord, let us pray.”

“Chaka Khan just ended her set because literally everybody left the festival. She sounded like trash. I’m so disappointed”

Sending prayers out to Chaka Khan. She’s a legend. We hope she feels better soon!