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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Cassie Calls It QUITS . . . She's 'DUMPING' Diddy . . . And Asking For A $25K A Month ALLOWANCE . . . Until She Gets Back On Her FEET!!!


Diddy and Cassie have been a fixture for almost a DECADE - but now has EXCLUSIVELY learned, that it's over.

And it's not just "over," but "really over" according to one of Cassie's friends.

According to MediaTakeOut.coms snitch, Cassie has not only decided to LEAVE Diddy - she managed to negotiate herself a nice SEVERANCE PACKAGE. The insider explained, "Cassie has to keep up a basic lifestyle . . . she's getting $25K a month from [Diddy]."

So what does Diddy think about getting FIRED by his GF? Well he doesn't seem to have his mind on it. You see as soon as Casse left him, look who he decided to spend some QUALITY TIME with - down in St Barts.