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MTO EXCLUSIVE!! Beyonce's BIGGEST FAN Gets A New Tattoo . . . In Honor Of Her New Twins!!! (Is It US . . . Or Is This Guy . . . Kinda CREEPY)

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A man who refers to himself as Beyonce's "biggest fan" just got two new tats. The man already had a BLUE IVY tattoo on his neck.

Now the gentleman got a Sir and Rumi tat on each of his hands.

Ummm . . . Bey, we hope you got EXTRA SECURITY . . .

Bey gave birth to the adorable twins back in June, but we didn't get to see a pic of them until their one-month birthday.

According to studies, Rumi is a Japanese female name meaning beauty and flow and it represents a blue gemstone called lapis lazuli. Sir is a name of honor and respect, much like King, Bishop, or Mister.