MTO EXCLUSIVE: Bad Boy Tour BREAKING DOWN . . . Lil Kim And Diddy Fighting Over MONEY . . . And Lil CEASE At The Show!!!

Original: just received some STEAMING HOT TEA regarding Diddy's Bad Boy Family tour. According to a person close to Lil Kim, Diddy and Kim are fighting over money. And Lil Kim may not perform on upcoming Bad Boy tour dates.

Here is what a snitch told us:

The Queen Bitch shut down Mr. Take that, take that; cough up the coins or I'm the fudge outta here, Lil Kim went MIA on Diddy.

The drama starts before the first show when the Queen had to rehearse with security because Puff allowed Lil' Cease to be on stage. Cease tried to endlessly apologize to Kim but QB wants no part of it.

Kim refused press and to perform on The Morning Show live because the $$$ wasn't being paid and she's not doing no favors. The queen not only doesn't trust Diddy, she wanted the whole car fax of all seats sold and total arena revenue.

Well the New Orleans show was minus Kim who hit the Paris runway because Diddy once again came up short on the $$$ & she's not accepting partial cash.

Kim went to jail over allegations made by Lil' Cease.