MTO EXCLUSIVE: Atlanta Housewife Kenya Got DUMPED AGAIN . . . Look At The EXTREMELY THICK Woman . . . That Her Boyfriend Matt DROPPED HER FOR!! (New Chick Is 200+ Pounds)


Kenya Moore from the Atlanta Housewives got DUMPED AGAIN - this time midway through filming the new season of the Atlanta Housewives. EXCLUSIVELY learned that Matt got sick of all the "manufactured drama" with Kenya, and decided to get himself a REAL WOMAN.

Matt met internet model Tiffany Maiyon - and immediately cut things off with Kenya. Our snitch tells us, "Kenya is really UPSET. She's been trashing Matt's name to the tabloids. She even tried to get him locked up over some B.S."

Matt and Tiffany are SWERVING all of Kenya's drama though, and enjoying their new relationship.