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SHOCK CRIME: Beautiful Girl Is MURDERED BY Boyfriend . . . After She Tried To RETURN ENGAGEMENT RING . .. And Break Off Marriage Plans!!!

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A Chicago woman lost her life to a senseless crime when her ex-fiancé stabbed her to death upon returning her engagement ring. the 27-year old Julia Martin and her boyfriend Rodney Harvey broke up six months prior to her death. The couple had been dating for three years.

It is reported that Martin ultimately decided to return her engagement ring back to Harvey. When Harvey arrived at her home, he allegedly forced his way into her apartment. Once he gained access into her apartment, Harvey began to stab Martin repeatedly. Believing that his ex-girlfriend was dead, he then jumped to his own death from her apartment building. Martin, however, survived long enough to call 911 and identify Harvey as her assailant. Martin reportedly also called her father, to tell him what had occurred. “There was no indication he was dangerous, “ Martin’s father Derrick Martin said. “I never would’ve thought that in a million years.” Although he was made aware of their breakup and the intention of returning the ring to Harvey, Mr. Martin did not know the specifics of their breakup. “She was telling me that they broke it off and that she was planning on giving the ring back.”

Martin was described as ambitious, adventurous and career-focused by her father. Her death comes as the latest in a series of untimely passings in the family. Mr. Martin revealed that he lost his wife, both parents and brother in the recent years. Martin leaves behind a sister and a young nephew.