Disney's 15 Year Old SKAI JACKSON Is Dating A Gangster Rapper - MTO News

MTO EXCLUSIVE: Disney's 15-Year-Old SKAI JACKSON Has A New MAN . . . He's An ASIAN GANGSTER RAPPER . . . With Face Tattoos And DOES DRUGS!!!

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Disney actress Skai Jackson is 15 years old, and she appears to be growing up too fast.

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According to our sources, the teenage Disney star is dating an performer named Youngboi Trunks - he's a tatted up Asian "gangster" rapper.

Here's the guy:

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Last week Trunks was on Instagram Live, and Skai came on his feed and said "FaceTime me later babe." Here's a video of a girl who saw it also:


Trunks is 17, and known for holding GUNS and smoking weed. He's also purportedly a GANG member.