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MTO Exclusive: Rapper Lil Kim DECLARES Her Support For TRUMP . . . Tells People 'I SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT'!!!

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Rapper Lil Kim came out publicly, as a proud SUPPORTER of President Trump.
The bleached skinned actress told friends at the premiere of Teyana Taylor’s new reality show that she “supports our president.”

Many people were SHOCKED to hear Kim come out PUBLICLY SUPPORTING a President that has been openly RACIST towards Black people.

Lil Kim was recently spotted at the opening of Teyana Taylor's nail salon, Junie B Nails - alongside other notable hip-hop artists including Missy Elliott and SWV.

According to BET, Teyana is aiming to give clients of the salon a more inclusive experience than others,

"The most important thing that I wanted to do was create opportunities for my community and promote so many talented people out here. I wanted an environment that was unbiased and open to everyone no matter what size, shape, color, know that's what I wanted to do." She adds,

"I don't feel like we have a lot of nice nail salons in Harlem... We're stepping it up now a lot, but growing up, you had a couple of fold-out chairs," she continued “taking it all the way back to the airbrush... There will be retro nails, new nails, gel, natural, acrylic, all that, anything you want.”

As Teyana Taylor's reality television show has not aired yet, we have no idea how she responded to her homie's comments. It's safe to assume that she was not impressed. Should we be surprised? Every day Kim is looking more like the Prez's wife Melania!