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MTO BREAKING NEWS: Wiz Khalifah And His Exotical Girlfriend BROKE UP . . . Allegedly Caught HIM . . . Cheating With 'EX'!!!

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Wiz Khalifah and his longtime GF Izabela Guedes are officially OVER. Wiz and his Brazilian model GF were almost INSEPARABLE for the past 8 months.
But if you look at EITHER’S social media pages, and they REMOVED all mention of one another.

So what happened? We spoke with a person IN THE KNOW who told that Isabela DUMPED Wiz – because she suspected he was cheating with AN EX.

We weren’t told WHICH ex . . .

We highly doubt it's his ex-wife Amber Rose. Rose is currently boo'd up with 21 Savage, and the couple goes virtually everywhere together. And when they don't, she's at home sniffing his drawers until he returns.

Wiz has also given him his blessing and his respect for their union, telling TMZ, "He's a good guy. He's a good kid—everything I know about him."

In the past, the "Black And Yellow" rapper has been linked to fashion model Indya Marie, Bad Girl Natalie Nunn, María Becerra and Flavor of Love star, Deelishis. Deelishis said at the time:

“So here’s Wiz, he’s a really nice guy. He’s cool. He’s a stoner. They got together, and I thought it was a really nice union. However, when I was approached with going out to the concert or whatever– I’m still a woman– and I don’t know her personally so I don’t have any responsibility or any loyalty to ‘Yo, I can’t talk to you because you were once married to Amber Rose.’ No, she’s one that I respect as an entertainer, but I don’t know her. So I obliged."

We really don't know WHO it is at this point, but we're on the case!