MTO BREAKING NEWS: Tamar Braxton May Be Preparing To DIVORCE HER HUSBAND . . . She Was CRYING On Instagram . . . It Looks REAL SERIOUS!! (PICS)


Tamar Braxton may be ready to DIVORCE her husband Vince. Tamar Braxton was on IG live Friday night crying her eyes out.

The live feed kept stopping due to incoming calls from her PR representative. Before the video stopped, Tamar was heard saying how she can no longer deal with someone who treats her like she would be nothing without them. She stated that she needs to finally speak her truth and she can no longer tolerate it.

Tamar also briefly spoke about betrayal and not knowing if doing so would hurt her, God or her children (she spoke in the third person) She didn't say who exactly, but many were led to believe she was talking about Vince.

She was being mellow dramatic as usual while explaining, but this looked serious y'all.

Here's Tamar CRYING on Instagram last night:

And look what she posted afterwards: