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MTO BREAKING NEWS: Tamar Braxton Was FIRED From The Real . . . You Won't BELIEVE . . . What Her CO-STAR ADRIENNE Did To Her!!!

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Tamar Braxton is officially OUT at the show The Real. She was told that she was fired on Friday, after the show taped. This is not rumor, it is FACT.

The blogger B Scott confirmed our report last night, when he said: "Tamar Braxton just got fired from ‘The Real.’ She wasn’t reading too well with the audience and sales people didn’t find her to be a good fit with advertisers. She was also too difficult dealing with production."

Well there's MORE to the story that just this. According to's insiders, her CO-STARS were the ones that got her fired. According to our rock solid insider, Adrienne Bailon, Jeannie Mai and Loni Love have all been working behind the scenes to POISON Tamar with producers.

One MTO insider explained, "They kept trying to make it seem like Tamar was a problem. Tamar has NEVER been a problem. She took some time off for health reasons, and for her tour - which helped the show by the way, but everything was agreed to beforehand."'s insider adds, "It's all about jealousy, and it's all over Adrienne - who is the ring leader. Adrienne never will be Tamar - she can't sing like Tamar, doesn't have a fan base like Tamar and she doesn't have any personality like Tamar. Tell that GUTTER RAT that I hope their show fails now."

Tamar spoke out about her recent firing last night on social media. She was the best thing on The Real, we hope she gets a new show.