MTO BREAKING NEWS: Soul Singer Eric Benet Just 'PULLED UP' On Jay Z's Malibu Mansion . . . Demanding That Jigga . . . 'GIVE HIM A FAIR ONE'!!!

Original: just got some CRAZY news - regarding the Eric Benet and Jay Z situation. You'll recall that Jay Z fired SHOTS at Eric on his new song Kill Jay-Z - claiming Eric lost then wife Halle (who Jay Z refers to as the BADDEST) by cheating on her. Jigga's lyrics, from the song KILL JAY-Z are as follows:

“You almost went Eric Benét/Let the baddest girl in the world get away/I don’t even know what else to say, never go Eric Benét/I don’t even know what you woulda done/In the future, other n*ggas playin’ football with your son.”

Social media went crazy over this line yesterday, and it caused Eric to respond with the following tweet:

“Hey yo #Jayz! Just so ya know, I got the baddest girl in the world as my wife….like right now!”

And that's not all. EXCLUSIVELY learned that Eric actually PULLED UP on Jigga - asking for THAT FADE.

According to's TOP Jay Z insider, Eric drove over to Jay Z's Malibu mansion last night - and asked security to tell Jay to come outside and FIGHT.'s insider, "Jay was inside enjoying his family. He doesn't have time for any of [Eric Benet's] nonsense."

WOOOW. We have NEW RESPECT for Eric Benet now . . .