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MTO BREAKING NEWS: Rick Ross Babys Mama FIGHTING . . . One Pulled GUN . . . ON THE OTHER!!!


Rick Ross baby’s mothers Tia and Lastonia are fighting – and a GUN was involved.
Tia pulled up to visit Rick Ross at the HOSPITAL, and Lastonia threatened Tia with a GUN. Look what she posted on social media.

The rapper has since been released from hospital and is at home recovering. It was reported that he has now decided to postpone his daughter Toie’s $100,000 sweet 16 until he’s feeling better.

Tia is definitely WITH THE SH*TS. She immediately took to Youtube – and offered to settle things – through VIOLENCE.

Tia is giving Lastonia 30 days to train so that they can duke it out fairly. Tia is not into gunplay, but apparently, she knows how to throw them hands and wants a match with the trigger-happy baby mama.

Lastonia Leviston and Tia Kemp have a long history of beefing. Just this year, Lastonia filed paperwork on Tia threatening action against Kemp if she continues to slander her on social media or any third party outlet.

We’re not sure if this video qualifies as slander, but Tia was certainly provoked, and if she was threatened with a gun then she is owed some justice one way or another.

Tia said in the video:

“What’s up? I’m only going live for one reason right now. One reason. And that’s because I was advised that Ms. Lastonia posted a gun on her Instagram…. Insta-story. In reference to me and my son going to the hospital to visit his dad the other day.

So… I just wanted to let ya’ll know that I don’t play with guns. And, I don’t play with threats! But, we can do is… and Vanessa from V74 Boutique I just want to know ya’ll still doing this Fight Night on Monday night at KOD. I need ya’ll to orchestrate a match with me and her.

Just to get this shit over with. It’s been going on got too long so… Let’s do this thing publically. Ain’t no beef. Ain’t no pressure. I’m going to give you 30 days to train. I think that’s more than enough time…”

Watch the full video below

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