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MTO BREAKING NEWS: Rapper Nas Is Now FIRING SHOTS . . . At Nicki Minaj On Instagram . . . Why Is She ALWAYS Having . . . A 'MESSY BREAKUP'!!!

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When a relationship with Nicki Minaj ends - it always ends BADLY. Remember what happened with Safaree . . . and Meek Mill. Now she got NAS acting out on social media too.

On Saturday, Meek launched a TIRADE against Nicki Minaj :

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Well we've been hearing for weeks that Nicki Minaj and Nas relationship is ON THE ROCKS. Now it appears like it's over.

Why do we say that? Cause a few hours after Meek DROPPED THE BOMB on Nicki . . . Nas was on The Gram and started 'LIKING' Meek's pics.