MTO BREAKING NEWS: Pop Singer HALSEY Has A Wardrobe Malfunction . . . And You Can See Her NETHER REGIONS!!


Pop singer Halsey suffered a wardrobe malfunction after an attendee steps on her long black dress at amfAR Gala in New York. The singer was seen shouting at a security guy who stepped on her dress when then led to Halsey - who looked like she wasn’t wearing any underwear - showing off more than she bargained for!

The dress already had a very high slit, but as you can see from the photo - Halsey would never have wanted that much skin showing!

The gala’s organization raises awareness for HIV/AIDS and honors those who have used their platform to do so. Models Ashley Graham, Olivia Culpo, Heidi Klum, Coco Rocha, were also in attendance as well as actresses Jackie Cruz and Taraji P. Henson

The 23-year-old singer is the girlfriend of rapper G-Eazy and has been very public about her journey as a sufferer of bi-polar.

"I kind of just embraced the things about me that were a little odd. The thing about having bipolar disorder, for me, is that I'm really empathetic. I feel everything around me so much" she told Elle Magazine. "I feel when I walk past a homeless person, and I feel when my friend breaks up with someone, or I feel when my mom and my dad get into a fight and my mom's f*ckin' crying over dishes in the sink."

Halsey managed to get her wardrobe malfunction under control and continued the night with poise and grace.

We doubt her bodyguard will make that mistake anytime in the future - that's if he still even has a job!

Here is the first pic

Here is the second pic