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MTO BREAKING NEWS: Papoose FIGHTS BACK . . . Proves That The Woman Claiming To Be His 'Babys Mother' . . . Was LYING!!! (Papoose Has EVIDENCE)

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Last night hip hop star Papoose fought BACK against claims made by a New York woman, that he was her child's father. Papoose shut down the rumors with the woman's OWN WORDS.

The woman did an interview where she claimed to have been in a relationship with Pap, while Remy was in prison.

Well Papoose leaked some video, taken just a few weeks ago - with the woman claiming that Pap and her NEVER had any type of relations. She was asked specifically - 'Did you f*ck Papoose?"

Here she is also talking about how LOYAL Papoose is to Remy Ma: