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MTO BREAKING NEWS: Offset's SIDE CHICK Just Announced . . That She's Pregnant With His BABY . . . And The Girl Is Threatening To FIGHT CardI B!!!

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Cardi B's having a bad week. First someone leaked pics allegedly STOLEN from Offset's phone . . . now, this.

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A popular Internet THOT who was Offset's side piece is now claiming that she's pregnant. The thot, who is named Celina, even unveiled her sonogram pics.

Celine has proof that she's Offset's side chick too - look:

Cardi and Offset are denying that the baby is his, but our sources say that Celina is "90% sure it's Offset's kid.

And this baby mama drama is only getting more insane. Offset‘s alleged baby mama, Instagram model Celina Powell, is not only claiming he’s the father of her unborn child, she just challenged his fiancee Cardi B, 25, to a fight.

Not only did Celina tweet that she was going to see Offset on Dec. 31 at his Colorado New Year’s Eve show, she also called out Cardi directly, writing, “[J]ust because you blocked me doesn’t mean we ain’t gonna fight real soooon. Word is Offset ain’t letting her come to Denver next week & she hurt.”

Here's her announcement:

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Here's the THOT talking about it.