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MTO BREAKING NEWS: Nicki Minaj Just Dropped A DISS TRACK Against Cardi B . . . The Female Rap War HAS BEGUN!! (DETAILS Plus LYRICS And AUDIO)

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Nicki Minaj just finished getting ANNIHILATED by Remy Ma . . . and now she's going after another New York rapper - CARDI B.

Yesterday Nicki Minaj dropped a "diss track" against the Bronx NY rapper and reality star. Cardi B, who is currently dating rapper OFFSET from the group Migos, has been sneak dissing Nicki Minaj on social media now for week.

Nicki fires back against Cardi and her man in her new track Swish Swish. Here are the lyrics - which Nicki put up on Instagram last night.

Pink Ferragamo sliders on deck. Silly rap beefs just get me more checks.
My life is a movie, I'm never off set.
Me & my aMIGOS No not OFFSET
wish swish awww I got them upset!
But my shooters'll make'm dance like dubstep!
Swish swish awww my haters iz OBSESSED!
Cuz I make M's!!!!
They get MUCH LESS

We're waiting for Cardi to RESPOND!!