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MTO BREAKING NEWS: Migos Rapper QUAVO Slipped Up . . . Allegedly Got His GRANNY GIRLFRIEND . . . Pregnant!! (Pics Of Quavo’s New Grandbaby Mama)

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26-year-old Migos rapper QUAVO is about to be a DADDY – according to social media.

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There are reports swirling that his girlfriend – 37-year-old GRANDMOTHER Bernice Burgos – is pregnant with the rapper’s child.

What are the RECEIPTS? Well, word is that Bernice has told people NOT to smoke around her – and folks think it’s because she’s PREGGERS.

Bernice also has STOPPED drinking alcohol completely.

Bernice was previously linked to T.I. and Quavo was linked to Iggy Azalea, but neither romances lasted very long. Quavo and Bernice were spotted out together at the NBA All-Star weekend.

Bernice had her daughter Ashley at the tender age of 15, and now her daughter Ashley, 21, is pregnant. Her mother recently threw her a baby shower for her grandchild-to-be.

“Public service announcement! Okay, let me let all you haters know — the people that support me, I love y’all. But let tell you all something: My daughter, she’s already 21… She’s happy, and whatever decisions she decides that she wants to do, I’m there for her. At the end of the day, I had her at the age of 15, you know. I was a young mom. Now, I’m going to be a young grandmother. And I’m going to be a bad grandmother. And I love her to death. Ashley, don’t worry about these f*cking haters, okay? We were trying to keep it a secret because sometimes you have to keep your personal business private, you know, just for us, for the family. But you people are all talking so much gossip and so much bullsh*t that y’all don’t got nothing else to do. She’s good, though. We’re all good. But anyway, stay tuned for the reality show that’s going to come really soon,” she announced via her social media.

We wonder how long it’ll be before she makes a PSA about her own pregnancy.

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