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MTO BREAKING NEWS: The Migos Might Be BREAKING UP . . . Over Offset And Cardi B's ENGAGEMENT!!! (Look At Takeoff And Quavo . . . They Are NOT Happy)

Original: got a REAL JUICY bit of tea - about the rap group MIGOS. According to a ROCK SOLID SNITCH, the group may be breaking up . . . all because of CARDI B!!

The insider told us that all is NOT WELL with the group. The insider explained, "Quavo and Takeoff think the whole Cardi -Offset thing is a circus. They don't want their group associated with that."

The snitch explained, "Migos is all about REAL HIP HOP, not some Love & Hip Hop sh*t. But Offset's in love."

Our insider claims that the group is likely to BREAK UP too. The insider explained, "The group was always looking to go their own way. Cardi and Offset are making it happen sooner."

But MTO's insider wanted us to make sure that we said theer is NO BEEF between the Migos brothers. The insider added, "It's no beef, they're still brothers. Offset is just moving in a different lane."