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MTO BREAKING NEWS: Love And Hip Hop's CARDI B Is PREGNANT . . . And We Got The FIRST PICS . . . Of Her New Baby Bump!!! (Is OFFSET From MIGOS . . . The Daddy??)

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Cardi-Pregnant just learned that Love & Hip Hop star Cardi B is pregnant - likely by rapper boyfriend OFFSET.

How do we know this? Well Cardi was in FAYETTEVILLE, North Carolina this weekend, and we're told that her security team was given STRICT ORDERS that no one is to smoke weed, cigarettes or Black & Milds near her.
We're also told that Cardi did not drink a SIP of alcohol all weekend, and that she was "glowing. There's more - check out the below pic of Cardi in her stylist's chair - we think we kinda see a lil bump there.

Congrats to the happy couple.