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MTO BREAKING SCAM: Love And Hip Hop's AMARA La Negra CAUGHT Lying . . . SCAMMING Us Over 'NATURAL' Look!!

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Amara La Negra from Love And Hip Hop has been accused of darkening her skin via melanin pills and excessive tanning and wearing colored contacts. Amara has DENIED all claims and even posted childhood photos and videos as evidence that she hasn’t altered her appearance.
Well, she’s been SCAMMING you guys. It turns out that her eyes are NOT light.

Since her explosive debut on LHHMIA, virtually everything about the reality tv star has been called into question.

She has admitted that although she does wear extensions, she has a natural fro under her afro wig.

But it seems as though, despite her claims, Amara has been playing us when it comes to the color of her eyes. She once said on her now infamous interview with The Breakfast Club:

"I just feel like there's this standard of beauty in the entertainment industry that you have to look a certain type of way in order to be "pretty." Your hair needs to be straight and silky in order to be pretty. Or, if you're Latina, you have to look like J. Lo, Sofia Vergara, Shakira. But when you look like me, 'Oh, you don't look Latina enough.' What does that even mean? There isn't a Latin country that doesn't have people that look like myself, so why aren't we on magazines? Why aren't we in movies?"

But has Amara succumbed to the pressure of being in the industry? It could even be possible that she's undergone a surgical procedure to lighten her eyes, just as Xscape member Tiny and her daughter, Zonnique did.

What do you think? Are her light eyes natural?

Here is what she looked like as a baby