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MTO BREAKING NEWS: Kevin McCall Appears To Be THREATENING . .. To KILL His Ex . . . Eva Marcelle!! (Hopefully Se Has PROTECTION)

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R&B singer Kevin McCall may be threatening to MURDER his ex/baby's mother Eva Marcelle. Last night he posted a very DISTURBING pic on social media.

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He posted a pic of a man named Earl Hayes – and he called Earl his “hero.”

Two years ago, Earl MURDERED Eva's best friend – actress Stephanie Mosley – then he committed suicide.

This seems like a MESSAGE to Eva.

By now, we're all hip to McCall's general offkey-ness. After TMZ broke the news in January that he had shot himself in the foots, some speculated that his beef with Chris Brown could have been the reason for his broken toes. He then posted this crazy statement on Twitter:

“Chris Brown and his Seed would be in a Casket if he had anything to do with me being shot STOP playin with rumors Or I can't promise CB will make 29! I kept him alive 7 years now in L.A. don't take the humblness u see in me as weakness Chris wouldn't have a head to tattoo on"

He quickly backtracked on his statements, but nobody in their right mind would make such statements for the world to see - and it's still unclear as to how he ended up getting shot in the foot.

Eva has already turned her back on McCall and refuses to allow him anywhere near his daughter. With good reason, it seems. He is clearly unbalanced and this post is just the latest in a long line of craziness from her R&B ex.

A restraining order should be put in place because this is just too much crazy!

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