MTO BREAKING NEWS: Kevin Hart Being 'EXTORTED' . . . With A 'SCAM' CHEATING Tape . . . We Got All The Details . . . On The Video!! (Do You Think . . . He's Being SCAMMED)


Kevin Hart claims to have been the victim of an EXTORTION PLOT, and now he's getting the POLICE in on it.

According to MediaTakeOut.coms sources, a person has been shopping a "cheating tape" for the past few weeks - which the person claims shows Kevin Hart "CHEATING" at a recent party.

We’re told the tape shows Kevin surrounded by women, and then cuts to a bed that is squeaking (with people having relations - but it's not clear WHO). The implication in the edited tape is that Hart has been unfaithful, but it is not AT ALL CLEAR in's judgment that is true. The video could be an ELABORATELY EDITED SCAM VIDEO.

A person close to Kevin told that the video does NOT show Kevin cheating. We were told, "Kevin wasn't cheating - he was with his friends and the people around were partying. Kevin shouldn't have been anywhere near them, but he was. Now someone edited a tape trying to make him look like a cheater. They want to get paid."

Here's Kevin's OFFICIAL statement, “Someone tried to set up Kevin in a failed extortion attempt. As law enforcement is involved, we cannot comment further as it could affect the investigation.”

And here is Kevin's response: