MTO BREAKING NEWS: Images Of Disney's THATS SO RAVEN Star ORLANDO BROWN . . . Appears To Be 'SMOKING CRYSTAL METH' . . . Hit The Internet!! (Raven Come SAVE 'YA BOY)


Disney Star Orlando Brown has been acting really STRANGE as of late. Well now a new image has been leaked that appears to show him smoking from a meth pipe. The image, which is in the below video, was leaked and it's got folks talking.

Look at the video:

Raven is currently working on a spinoff of That's So Raven called Raven’s Home (she plays a mom whose twin son has her gifts). While Anneliese Van Der Pol, who played Raven's good friend Chelsea Daniels, is in the new series, Orlando is NOT returning as Eddie to date.

Fun fact: Raven was the first African-American woman to have her name in a comedy series title.