MTO Breaking News: The Educated Rapper From UTFO Passed Away . . . Details!! (Remember Roxanne Roxanne)


MediaTakeOut confirmed that early this morning Jeffrey Campbell, also known as Educated Rapper or EMD of rap group UTFO, has passed away after a bout with cancer. He was 54. May he Rest In Peace.

Here is what his UTFO bandmate Mix Master ICE wrote on social media before he passed:

This is an All Out Cry For Prayer! I just got the ok from family to go viral.. As I hold his hand, I need everyone's power in prayer, to pray for one of my best friends since 1979 & hip hop partner, Jeffrey Campbell.. Known to our World Wide fans as:
The Educated Rapper MD or EMD
1/4 of the U.T.F.O. crew, which stands for: "Untouchable Force Organization"
* He is extremely ill and not doing well..
Please help us pray for a Miracle Blessing.