MTO BREAKING NEWS: Atlanta Housewife PORSHA'S Rolls Royce Got REPO'D . . . Sugar Daddy Is In TROUBLE WITH THE LAW . . . All His ASSETS WERE FROZEN!!


Porsha Williams from the Atlanta Housewives has been open and honest, that she was a WELL COMPENSATED CONCUBINE to a married African billionaire. Well all that is about to change. learned that her alleged sponsor, Jide Omokore, is in trouble with the law in Nigeria. They say he stole nearly $2 BILLION from the government.

Here is how it is being reported:

Kola Aluko, an executive director of Atlantic Energy and his partner Jide Omokore, both linked with Nigeria’s minister for petroleum resources, Diezani Alison Madueke, will not have access to $1.8 billion in assets following Lagos federal high court order.

Frozen assets include three mansions in Los Angeles, two high-end apartments in New York City, properties in Santa Barbara, California; numerous properties in Lagos, including 43 apartments in Banana Island, 58 vehicles, the Galactica Star yacht, and three airplanes among others.

We're told that among those "58 vehicles" that the authorities took into custody, is Porsha's ROLLS ROYCE.